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Charlie (Rescued Horse)

Here is an email Blue Pearl Project received on 4/18/12 fro LuAnn: "Dear Debbie, My daughter Holly and I met you and your husband a couple of months ago out at Wooden Nickel Ranch and you kindly introduced us to some of the wonderful horses you have rescued. I stumbled upon a very sad situation with a horse tonite and I really really need your guys help if possible...I would take him myself but now I have 3 so my husband won't let me lol....This guys name is Charlie and he is a sweeeet horse for all he has been thru....if you saw him it would break your heart....I just couldn't walk away...I told the lady I would figure out something and be back tomorrow and I would be willing to help you in any way that I could with him to help him get better. He is in Perris and this lady has a heart of gold really but just not alot of experience with horses and not made the best choices for him. She saved him 3 weeks ago from a guy who must have been letting him starve because it was his daughters horse and she ran away so I suppose he didn't care enough to feed her horse. This lady who has him now did the best she could and loves him and has fed him for 3 weeks but she has him in a tiny area attached to a chain and he has a few cuts on him that need tending to but she has kept them clean with peroxide. He needs out NOW and to a stall for some rest and care for his wounds and off the chain. I gave her a small deposit and told her I would be back...Charlie looked so sad...I have to work tomorrow morning but I'm off at 2...I hope you read your emails early in morning like I do....I will be up around 5:30 am so if you could call me before 7:45 am I would really really appreciate it....Me and my daughter will work with you in any way we can to help you get Charlie out of there and get him heart goes out to him and I know if you see him you would cry. PLEASE call me early tomorrow because it is hard for me to get calls at work...boss frowns on cell phone usage lol...and I gotta keep making the coin to help horses like Charlie :) Look forward to hearing from you." Sincerely, LuAnn & Holly