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Blue Pearl Project is a Non Profit rescue, rehabilitation and placement for horses and is volunteer-based helping horses throughout the United States. We are an all breed horse rescue. Our Mission is to give equines a much needed "Second Chance." We help with all aspects of rescue, Thoroughbred rescue and retirement - abuse, neglect, owner surrender, auction purchase to help stop slaughter for human consumption, rehabilitate, train and help place horses in loving homes. We are also very active in education and community involvement.
Money donated to this fund will be used for saving the lives of horses from slaughter, for shelter, stalls for the rescued horses, care and feeding horses. Even a $5.00 donation makes a difference to help buy bags of feed, hay, winter blankets, medications, supplies, Farrier, Vet care and rescue more horses! The more that donate even $5.00 the more it helps the thousands of unwanted retired thoroughbred race horses, unwanted horses because of the economy and horses that are sick or abused.
Our country was built on the back of horses. The horses helped us into battles, traveled with us across the country. Horses are the symbol of American and independence.
More than 100,000 American horses are sent to slaughterhouses in Canada and Mexico. These horses are slaughtered for human consumption overseas, in countries like France, Belgium, Italy, and Holland. Slaughter is the "dirty secret." Most do not know, or would rather not know, about horse slaughterhouses. But we owe it to the horses to learn and know it does exist horses are being used for human consumption.
Horses bound to slaughter must endure cruelty which begins before they even get to the slaughter facility. Most of the horses are bought by "killer buyers" at auctions held weekly all around the country. These horses end up with the killers, sometimes called "horse brokers". Most stolen horses also end up going to slaughter. The killers travel to these auctions until they have a large enough load to transport to the slaughter facility. Usually beginning at the auctions the horses are denied food and water. They are then herded into double-decker cattle trucks. These trucks are not designed for horses, they are much too low, and many times the horses cannot lift their heads to help them balance during the ride. This causes many of them to fall down. The conditions in the trucks can be horrifying to horses crammed together, fighting, kicking, freezing cold or boiling hot temperatures, and travel times of up to 28 hours without stopping. Horses arrive at the facility missing eyes, with broken legs, trampled, and even dead. Upon their arrival, they are herded into the slaughterhouse. Here the true terror begins for these horses. They are prodded into the "kill box" where they are bludgeoned on the head with a captive bolt gun which shoots a spike into their forehead, or a poorly aimed gunshot to the head, or as in Mexico, stabbing with a small sharp knife which severs the spinal cord. Many times the workers miss and have to repeat the procedure over and over. Supposedly stunned horses are then strung up by one foot to be bleed out. Some are not stunned at this point and will actually drown in their own blood. From here the slaughter process proceeds.
Slaughter is not, and should never be considered, a humane way to end a horses life. It is cruel, vicious, and terrifying for the horses.
Slaughter is not, and never should be considered, an alternative for responsible horse owners. Slaughter alternatives include Euthanasia or the Donation of the horse to a Horse Rescue or a new and loving home.

Blue Pearl Project
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Blue Pearl Project Inc. a Non Profit Organization is a Federally recognized Non Profit  501c3 Tax-Exempt EIN Number 45-4669349

EIN Number 45-669349