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 Horse Racing & Slaughter HBO Video Part 1 

Horse Racing & Slaughter HBO Video Part 2

NBC Story on Horse Slaughter in America 

This is a NBC story on horse slaughter, Freedom's Flight and ARM (Animal Recovery Mission)                               It focuses on the growing illegal slaughter issue in the state of Florida 

AWI spokeswoman, Bo Derek narrates a video highlighting the cruelty of horse slaughter in America and the need for legislation ending the industry once and for all. 

Donations are appreciated. Money donated to this fund will be used for saving the lives of horses from slaughter, for shelter, care and feeding horses. Even a $5.00 donation makes a difference to help buy bags of feed, hay, winter blankets, medications, supplies, Farrier, Vet care and rescue more horses! The more that donate even $5.00 the more it helps the thousands of unwanted retired thoroughbred race horses, unwanted horses because of the economy and horses that are sick or abused.

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