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Dear Blue Pearl Project:

"I have several horses and have moved across country (not by choice but by necessity).  I have found homes for all of them except my "navicular" horse.  He is a SWEET and LOVEABLE horse that gets along with people and other horses but I can't seem to find a home for him.  I wondered if you might have resources to help me find a home so I don't have to put him down.  His navicular is controlled with medication and sepcial shoes but people don't want a horse they can't ride and have to put money into in the form of medicine and shoes let alone food and hay, etc.  The horse's name is Gatlin and we love him very much but fear the only course of action we have is to put him down.  Do you have any ideas or ways you could help?"

Dear Blue Pearl Project,

"I have a 1/2 mustang @ quarter horse mix that I need to find a home for he has been abused I bought him 4 years ago for my brother boy and he was doing good but he went back to his old ways tried to hurt the boy and his sister is handicapped I am afraid he will hurt one of the so I am trying to find him a good home. He loves women he kind of scared of men he rides with a hackamore. If you could point me in the right direction I would be greatful."" 

Thanks,                                                                                                                                                                Felicia

Dear Blue Pearl Project,

"I live in Arizona and am disabled myself; almost bed ridden and 60 years old on social security disbility but my dad lives in Rydal Georgia and is now in a nursing or rehab facility for at least twenty days or longer. We need a horse to be rescued from his yard and he also has three dogs that need someone to help by taking them. PLEASE help these animals since I don't believe in killing animals and have taken in dogs here but I have two already and live in a one bedroom apt with my husband and two grow kids due to extenuating circumstances: My sister is going out there to clean up his house since he hasn't been able to for awhile and he just lost a roof due to the wheather out there which she is putting on a new roof for him and new flooring: She lives in MIchigan however and can't take care of the animals either: CAN YOU PLEASE HELP US?? I appreciate your correspondance; since my sister is going out there I will contact her as soon as I hear from you."


Dear Blue Pearl Project,

Good Evening,

I have concerns regarding 2 horses that are located about 1/2 mile from my residence. Both of these animals are being neglected by their owner who does not occupy the land the horses are on. On several occasions I have found their troughs to be empty of both food and water. There is not a water source located on the property. They are starving and suffering from dehydration. We have contacted Warren County Sheriff, our local Humane Society (who was no help at all) and also the ASPCA. Nothing has been done at this point to help these horses.  Their owner does live in the same town and has been contacted by the authorities and again, nothing is being done. You can contact me through this email or call me anytime.

I would appreciate any help or guidance in this matter.


Hi Blue Pearl Project,

One of your volunteers told me that you may be able to help me with my horse. 

We are being evicted on Wednesday (time uncertain) and I cannot find a home for my horse. She is a 16 year old Arab, sweet, willing, has been started 3 times, but I did not keep up myself.  She has been a pet all this time.

I am located in Redlands and really need her in a safe loving home. She is pretty and smart and once you are friends with her she is in your pocket. No vices, barefoot.

I have included her picture.  Her name is Bey Heliotrope, Bey Shah granddaughter, Sheik Lbey daughter.

Let me know if you can help me. I have had her 13 years and brought her from Colorado.



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